The lithium-ion batteries

First discussed the situation of lithium ion battery, unique opportunities and challenges.
The EU unveiled the two chemicals-related laws, coupled with rising raw material, China's export tax rebate policy adjustment, the lithium-ion battery market with new opportunities. Faced with the grim situation of energy shortage and environmental, for growing of batteries and storage batteries.
At present, the lithium battery industry in our country should follow up market requirements, active measures to properly address issues such as:
Manual and semi-automatic, automatic; battery with battery safety Self-contained and complete industrial chains in response to market demand and sustainable development and a series of relationships.
Secondly, the author discusses at great length the development of battery-powered vehicles (BEV) is threefold: to store low electricity instead of oil, electricity, and reduce environmental pollution. Now should be to develop a petrol hybrid cars (PHEV). As the price of lithium-ion batteries improve, gradually shifting from PHEV transition to BEV. BEV and PHEV lithium ion battery is the key. Battery material is the key. Requirements for materials are reviewed briefly.
Finally, the medium-and long-term development objectives of the li ion battery proposals, and should pay attention to the battery system to cause concern and debate relevant leaders and experts.
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