Lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries

Lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries are popular fast cell variety, in literature and in real life, it was discovered that lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries in use sometimes similar, sometimes interchangeably, the reason is that lithium battery and lithium-ion batteries is different and has inherited and developed concepts of the relationship, it is no wonder that people will confuse the two.
So-called lithium battery, is to metal lithium do negative activity material of battery General, and lithium ion battery is refers to two species different of can reversible of embedded and off embedded lithium ion of embedded lithium compounds respectively as battery cathode and negative of two times battery system, lithium battery and lithium ion battery of same points is in cathode and electrolytic quality, two species battery are used metal oxide and sulfide as cathode, and to organic solvent - Inorganic salts as electrolyte system.
Lithium battery and lithium ion battery is a development of process, lithium battery is a by lithium metal or lithium alloy for negative material of material, chemical reactions for oxidation restore reaction, SONY company invention has to carbon material for negative, to containing lithium of compounds as cathode of lithium battery, in charging and discharging process in the, no metal lithium exists, only lithium ion, this is lithium ion battery.
Strictly lithium-ion battery and working mechanism of lithium-ion batteries are not the same, and lithium batteries are primary batteries, also called lithium primary batteries, a continuous discharge, or intermittent discharge, some battery for lithium-ion batteries can be used as storage facilities, such as hydro power, wind power, solar power and other applications. Lithium ion batteries are secondary batteries, can be used repeatedly. Now, a lot of people are used to on "lithium-ion battery" is also called "lithium battery", which is a convenient term.
From the perspective of use, lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries in the strict sense is different. Lithium metal used in lithium battery cathode, cathode with MnO2, and SOCl2 ,20 centuries 70 years after entering the practical, primarily used in some military and civilian small electrical appliances. Li ion battery is applied more widely used, such as: mobile phone, camera, cameras, laptop computers and other, application of high capacity lithium-ion batteries in electric cars has entered in the industrialization process. From lithium-ion batteries and lithium-ion battery development trend, expanding the application field of lithium-ion batteries, while shrinking the application field of lithium primary batteries.
Lithium battery and lithium ion battery may will in practical in the was people confusion, but has a fundamental difference is: lithium ion battery reaction no lithium metal, only lithium ion in plus or minus very between of movement, so, and was called "rocking chair type battery", life in the can respect people on lithium battery and lithium ion battery of habits called, but this not hamper people understanding both of theory difference.
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